Global Server List -> no Himalia [Silent]

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Global Server List -> no Himalia [Silent]

Postby [AmA]Iku-Turso » 10 Oct 2011, 14:19

I've been wondering a long time why your main server can't be found from Global Server List?
Himalia [EtPro] server can be found easily, but no sing of Silent server.
Even if I load Silent Mod from main menu it still is visible. Any solutions?
I need to go to your web page and copy/paste IP and then /connect IP.
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Re: Global Server List -> no Himalia [Silent]

Postby gaoesa » 13 Nov 2011, 00:15

I don't know how I missed this one before. To be honest, I don't know the reason. Someone could be spoofing use for the master server list and therefore preventing the server from showing up in the ingame browser. That is possible but I won't tell how. Unfortunately, the best thing we can offer is a custom menu you can place to the etmain folder if you like. You can place it to the silent folder too and it would take effect after the silent mod is loaded.
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