How about a "general questions" forum?

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How about a "general questions" forum?

Postby » 06 Dec 2012, 14:14

Like for instance somwhere where people can ask how you can spot a cheater, or if anyone knows why mx440 is stating that he is spectating and configuring?
Might be that most of us on this forum are old in the game and know most of this stuff or it might be that this is not the proper forum for a Q and A thingy?
Just my five cents.
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Re: How about a "general questions" forum?

Postby gaoesa » 06 Dec 2012, 14:37

There are many things you can look for from a cheater. Usually people don't like to say them publicly so that the cheaters would not learn the things. However, one general rule is that any decently capable cheater can not be spotted only from sitting in spec. There must be a demo that can be looked few times and verified what is happening in it. This is especially true for wallhacks. There are some things you notice of the the player while he is playing and that will give reason to record a demo and see if you are correct. However, wallhacks are hard also because even clean players will make things that look like a wallhack if the person looking at the demo wants to see it that way. Also, as we probably all know, mostly all public accusations come from player egos getting hurt. Or someone just being too customed to other games that the ET game play and better players feel like cheaters in other games.

Please join our admin team and then we will be sharing all of our information about these things. Also, you get to see bundles od demos as we always require ecidence and keep it stored :P

PS. mx440 ?
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Re: How about a "general questions" forum?

Postby » 06 Dec 2012, 18:29

Mx440 was just some one that joined a game today, stating that he was just specing and configuration. Just an example of why there might be an idea to have a general questions forum.
Im not shure that im the right guy to join the admin group. I study alot and work as well and Im just online for a few hours a week, usualy around lunchtime.
The general questions forum was just an idea that struck me. It could be somewhere where you couuld find info about what commands are available to different levels of admins and why not everyone is allowed to check !howfair and stuff like that.
Thank you for a quick reply!
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Re: How about a "general questions" forum?

Postby puolakanaho » 06 Dec 2012, 19:28

q/a thread is indeed a good thing to have but i think most of the stuff you need to learn about et you can learn by asking in-game

for instance you could have asked Mx440 what the hell is spectating and configuring and i am sure he would have answered.

Et has the most pleasant gaming community i have ever seen in my life so i doubt you will get treated badly by people if you ask them even about the most obvious things.
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