Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better place

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Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better place

Post by gR!ns »

WARNING! First two paragraphs may contain offtopic material (but might clarify backgrounds of the things below them). Feel free to skip these if you want.

** I have played multiplayer games for a long time. Started from Unreal Tournament 1999, then CS (who knows what version) to 1.6, America's Army (almost from the beginning to 2.7) which I also played in a clan (competition level) and at the end of this "career", I started to get familiar with Enemy Territory (first touch in 2005/2006). I have shorter game periods in Unreal Tournament 2004, America's Army 3, Battlefield 3 and latest was Max Payne 3 during my break from ET a while ago. I don't know for sure, but I have feeling that I might retire from actively playing multiplayer games when ET comes to its very end.

I feel myself kind of experienced multiplayer gamer and for that reason I (might) have some kind of picture in my mind how the gameplay works comfortable for players, how to define a good player and last but not least, how the players can affect the atmosphere in the game in multiplayer games like ET. **

First of all, I want to thank you all players in this gaming community for this experiment what I have had in Himalia server. I've played here 1,5 years now and been admin about half of that time. This time has been very educating and I have learned lot of new things about this game and myself as a player (maybe as human being also). I have got to know many nice players and enjoyed the time when battling with and against you.

In a second hand, as some of you already know and even brought your concern in public, all players don't share these, what I could call, good player-like manners. This issue concerns all multiplayer games (at least what I have played).

Every player and his/her acts in the game affects to how the gameplay runs. An ideal situation would be that every player would 1) follow the rules (ye, we have them) 2) be nice to each other and 3) share good manners in the game. Then there wouldn't needed admins at all. Unfortunately, I think that (as long as humans play these games) this situation won't happen. But this doesn't mean that we couldn't do something to make things at least a bit better.

Next I want to share, as my own opinions (but I don't mean that I'm the only one who cares), about few things that would help to maintain good atmosphere and which every player, who play the game, can affect. I hope you will read this with time and thought (I know, it's quite long).

#General behavior#

Even we are playing in the virtual environment, there are still (most of the time) humans behind the nicknames and these similar, gay-looking soldier characters. With feelings, with emotions. So if you think that you can spit out anything what comes in your mind (especially in bad way) and it doesn't matter, you're wrong.

There are lot of players with different kind of skill levels and everyone should understand that. It's unnecessary to get mad if your team mates aren't so good with some things where you are (or you think you are) good at. And also calling other players noobs is very lame and you make yourself sound ridiculous. Like you wouldn't been beginner in some point?

It is entirely understandable that sometimes the emotion meter goes to the red zone when the game is exciting and adrenaline start to flow rapidly in your veins. But this doesn't justify anyone to act like a jerk. However, if you manage to say or do something stupid, at least say sorry. Same concerns when you accidently kill your team mate. Then it feels much better for this player who was the "target". And yes, I know that sometimes there is just no time for do this immediately, but better late than never.

I want give also a general advice for everyone: Try to keep your head cool. There's no need to complain about every single scratch. But if you start to feel to be continuously abused by someone, then it's different and you should try to solve the problem or inform about it to admins. In the game or here in the forum.


Most important thing to make good, fair and enjoyable game. Also most challenging thing to maintain in public servers. It's rare that there are balanced teams during the whole match. Mostly because players come and go (+ incl. next topic below this).

When there are no admins in the game, it's most important that every player in the server would care about the teambalance.

This doesn't mean that you should check the team table (or whatever -> TAB) in every minute, but if you see or start to feel, that 1) there is not much challenge 2) there is too much spare time to fool around or 3) chat with the others without disturbed while standing in the middle of the battlefield, this usually means that there is something wrong with the teambalance.
There's not always possibility to change team though. Then you can ask someone from the weaker team to change teams with you. Or the other way around. At least you should inform it in the main chat. Some players has also ability to vote shuffle. And yes, I know that these methods won't work all the time, but hopefully when this been forged to players heads enough, they start to think and most of all, act.

When there are admins in the game, it is true that we have duty to maintain the balance and change team first (if we see that it's necessary thing to do), but this still doesn't mean that you can't if you see that teams are unbalanced. And again, at least you should inform it in the main chat.

Of course this kind of situation shouldn't occur when admins are around, but like everybody else in the game, we are also players and when we are playing, we try to focus to the game so we might not be aware of all the other things at all the time. It's not nice either, that admins or just few other players have willing to change team continuously. It really breaks the feeling from the gameplay.

#Team stacking#

This is also a big problem in the public servers. And one of the biggest issue which cause teams to go unbalanced. There are (unfortunately) many players who don't care about this at all. Many times been seen that players stack in the team which is winning. Or they see that there are more skilled players. So I give you something to think about and a change to evaluate yourself, which type you are:

Player who, 1) come to game 2) join in the stronger team (even you could go to help the weaker team) and 3) have guts to cheer the victory after this, I have only one word for you:


Player who, 1) come to game 2) check the situation (with TAB or some other way) before entering the team 3) have guts to go help weaker team (if it's possible) even that team could still lose, I
have two words for you:

Thank you!

You can try to guess which one makes you respected in other players eyes.

#Rule breaking#

Like in real life, we have rules here. Why? It's because (like I wrote earlier) this ideal situation hasn't happen yet (even you have already read this far).

Overall I think that most of the players follow the main rules quite well with one exception. !english

Some may feel this very restrictive, but this rule has a very simple reason: That players could understand each other (ye, most of us understand english and some even can write it).

Everyone aren't so chatty persons, but it's still good to give them a change to understand what you are saying. I know that this rule has and will share players opinions (especially among of the finnish players), but as long as it's valid and I think it won't be changed soon (=never), it needs to be followed. We have many players from many countries (=other than Finland) and very rarely there is a situation that all the players are only from the same country (or otherwise understand your own native language).

I don't think that there are too many or too hard rules, that those can't be followed. I feel very frustrated because we need to continuously remind some of the players about the rules. Even they're played long time at the server. Especially the language rule. But same concerns unnecessary fooling and selfish medic fraggers. This is a fun server and rules allow trickjumping in some cases yes, but if your purpose is only practice them or just fool around in other ways, then you're at the wrong server.

Self-healing is also OK, but if you only like to be in your own tent at all the time, your team will suffer. This doesn't mean that you can't play with care as long as you play with your team. I know it's not always possible to go revive/heal/cover your team mate or it would be too lethal thing to do. There is no use of dead medic either (in most of the cases).

Losing even one player (worst case many) from the team to do something which won't help your team during the match is bad for the team based game like ET is. It's different then when the player is not so familiar with the game (or map) and really don't know what to do. Or if all players are willing to fool around (mostly when the server is empty).

If you don't know the rules yet or you think that you have forgot them (or some), please read them from here: Himalia Server Rules

#Spamming/Trolling (aren't art)#

There isn't always time to spend in the chat box, so game has some built-in voice chat commands to help with communication. Also our server owner has packed some fun sounds and songs to give bit more nice spice to the gameplay. And in right use, those really can make gameplay funnier. But if you continuously play them 1) those (and you) start to sound (and be) annoying, 2) you can make a chain reaction and then 3) players who would like to hear the game sounds, have been disturbed and you can spoil their gameplay.

To prevent that and to give everyone peace for their gaming, use them with care. Same concerns these built-in vsay commands (Hi!,Hello!,Cheer!,Attack!...) and text spamming. And yes, I know there is options to put them off, but like I said before, those really can give nice spice and make gameplay funnier. Therefore, not all of us don't want to put them off.


What about the admins (these guys and gals with oh-so-shiny-admin-tags)?

We are humans. We do mistakes. We aren't mind readers. We can't see all the problems. We have emotions. We can get mad (Oh yes!).

I find this kind of "funny" when I hear or see something like this: "C'mon Grins. Relax, why so serious." or in the situation where some player (who doesn't care much of the general atmosphere) have difficulties in the game and then demands actions from the admins, but wouldn't even move his/her finger when some actions would need from him/her to make gameplay better.

I'm nice, reasonable person with sense of humor (believe or not). And as far as I know, so are the other admins too. But when we continuously face a shit storm when entering in the server, there's no need to wonder why we aren't so nice at all the time.

If you wonder why you've been punished, look in the mirror. You might find the answer from there (or not). My answer is that you probably haven't behaved like you should.
We are willing to keep the gameplay nice, fair and enjoyable (even it's hard sometimes). This means that if you aren't, cause has effect. It's up to you, how you will be treated.

We can't help if you're selfish, jerk, hard head or like to boost your ego. It's your problem, not ours. But don't expect nice, princess-like treatment from us then. I think noone of us admins would like to use power to solve issues. But unfortunately we have to (in some cases). And I know that it also disturb the game, but it's just something what has to be done.

In cases, when problems occur, I want to ask patience from all of you. If there is a problem and admins are aware of it (and if we aren't, please inform us), but still nothing happens, it probably has a reason. So don't push. Actions will be done by time.

#(At)Last, final words#

I want to remind this one more time: Every player and his/her acts in the game affect to how the gameplay runs.

The game itself is just a platform which can be used for entertainment purpose. It needs place to run and players to play it. And there is a man who want to provide this place (server) to us (players).
I even can't imagine how much effort the server owner, Gaoesa, has seen to make this well-running game server possible to us that we could enjoy the game together. That, if nothing else, should raise up some respect and put players to think how they act when they enter to the server.

It's not our right to play here, we are privileged to share this gaming experiment through his work with this server.

Think 'bout that.

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Re: Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better pl

Post by free. »

well spoken gr!n!
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Re: Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better pl

Post by gaoesa »

It's a fine writing and obviously effort was put into it. Lets keep needless spam and drunken humour out of this topic.

Forgot to mention, removed 2 spam posts.
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Re: Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better pl

Post by TheSilencerPL »

Forgot to mention, removed 2 spam posts.
LOL, I thought you were referring to gr!ns' or free's post. Hopefully you added EDIT :)
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Re: Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better pl

Post by thesituation »

Nice post Gr!ns :) Some very good thaughts, and I totally agree with you :)
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Re: Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better pl

Post by Honey »

gaoesa wrote:It's a fine writing and obviously effort was put into it. Lets keep needless spam and drunken humour out of this topic.

Forgot to mention, removed 2 spam posts.
wasn't spam [smilie=spam_light_en.gif]

Good job Gr!ns writing this! I agree.

Little bit OT, but one thing to thing about is also the benefits/joys/sorrows/losses of computer games/playing (ET) in general. How seriously are you playing? What do you gain when you are playing? What is your attitude towards other players? What does other players thing about you? Why do you play?

Usually I find myself playing more when I have something missing in real life or I want to avoid something IRL. Do I really have all this time to "waste" to this game? It's OK to play once in a while, but when I'm older and sitting in a rocker chair, I don't think I'll look back and be glad that I spent so many hours playing this (or other) game.

Anyway - when I'm playing and intentionally using (wasting?) my time to this game, I want my playing experience to be as good as possible (= have fun, enjoy). By understanding and following the thoughts in Gr!ns' post above we might be able to "make our world (ET) a bit better place". [smilie=drinks.gif]
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Re: Little things how to make our world (ET) a bit better pl

Post by gR!ns »

Without going too deep in philosofical analysis (or I find myself writing another epic long post) and because (like you said yourself) it's a bit offtopic, but goes near about the purpose why I wrote this in first place. That players would think these things and hopefully when they see/start to feel that something could be changed in some way, they'll do it.

It's not all about self-examination (although it would be good and necessary thing to do sometimes), but generally look around and start to care about the atmosphere in the game. It might sound odd that I ask this, because "hey, it's only a game."

But like you said, you find yourself playing when "you're missing or want to avoid something in the real life." Of course those are your reason and I think everyone have they own (which doesn't mean that you're only one with these reasons), but yes, when (most of) the players come to play, they surely (like you) want to have their gaming exprience as fun and nice as they can get.

So I think that you're on the right track with this :)

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