Important Information to the lvl 3

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Important Information to the lvl 3

Postby gaoesa » 22 Dec 2010, 02:33

Level 3 has the privilege to warn people. This is a conscious decision and players with warn command can help higher levels to keep order on the server.

However, there is few rules for the warnings made.

1. They must be written with whole english words. For an example tk is well known for us admins, but to a player it may be just two letters, t and k. It must be always written as teamkilling. That is a word that can be found from the dictionary. Even better, teamkilling is not allowed or the shorter version, no teamkilling.

2. One warning for one offence. If player makes few teamkills, it is a one warning only and not one for every teamkill.

Use the command carefully, because with 3 warnings, the warned player ends up getting kicked. We want people to behave, not leave the server because of being abused.
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