A lizard crawls in

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A lizard crawls in

Postby Gekko » 03 Jun 2013, 12:18

Looks like I haven't introduced myself yet.

Been playing in the server for a while now (with considerably long pauses tho). I love playing in the Himalia SilEnT server because the people there really like to play for the team, and I myself am not really a fragger. [smilie=whistle.gif] (I don't have the best aim and currently both my computer and my connection are sort of incompatible for playing, so I get a lot of lag.) It's good to have fun playing with the team instead of desperately trying to match up with Godlike dominators.

I've asked to be promoted to a Himalian once, but that was another computer, and I'm due to get my own laptop some day so I won't ask it now. ;) But I guess I'm sort of a regular in the server.
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Re: A lizard crawls in

Postby _______ » 03 Jun 2013, 23:18

Heyy, welcome back to Himalia :D
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Re: A lizard crawls in

Postby free. » 04 Jun 2013, 14:50

it's kind of empty here in last times, so saying 'hello' to new introducers is a MUST.

hi gekko :)
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Re: A lizard crawls in

Postby Lara C. » 04 Jun 2013, 18:40

Welcome [smilie=yahoo.gif]
I killed some times as I remember, so I like you [smilie=tease.gif] [smilie=russian_roulette.gif]

[smilie=laugh3.gif] [smilie=hunter.gif]
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Re: A lizard crawls in

Postby gR!ns » 06 Jun 2013, 15:38

Yes, you're not so new in the server. I remember you from the past also :) Anyway, welcome back!

Ps. Lara always like players who she can kill easily, so don't fix your internet connection or otherwise she start to dislike you :D
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