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Postby Joules » 14 Jun 2013, 20:40

Hello to all!

Not so new to game but new to here.

I start playing RTCW back in the days and moved to ET, but after the clans started to die, I stopped playing. (about ~10 years ago) (name back then was JoLe)

Just for fun I tried ET again early this year to see if there would be a finnish server that has players AND there it was, Himalia! Since that day I have been playing almost daily.

Theres no better game than ET if you like to fight as team.

Happy to see you all at the server.

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Re: Joules

Postby free. » 18 Jun 2013, 16:02

same game same story like most of us.
well said and well come :D
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Re: Joules

Postby gR!ns » 18 Jun 2013, 17:45

Hei Joules! Welcome aboard!

I think you're not so new at our server either. Seen you there "quite long", I think. Nice that you wanted to see effort and introduced yourself in here at the forum :)
You seem to be nice teamworker, though haven't spec you so much. But if I remember correct, your needle reaches poor engies and you give backup when needed.

Seey at the server! Cheers!
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