No Pants -mini mod

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No Pants -mini mod

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I made this package for fun and I thought that if someone else could find joy from it, I share it with you. :)

Basicly, it changes default pants texture to pantless ones on every class (Allies & Axis). If I remember correctly there is such command in NQ mod (!pants) which do the same, but I couldn't find external package for this to use with every mod, so I made own.

I don't know if it will affect to game physics or such, because I needed to change Axis body model to same as Allies. Before this, there were texture issues with Axis models when pantless one was applied. This could be done better way, but it would need more time and knowledge. So I decided to do this as work around way. To get whole story, read readme.txt.

I recommend to use this in fun purpose. You can add it to your server or if you want to replay demo with pantless soldiers, add the .pk3 file in etmain (loaded in every mod) or if you want to use it with specific mod only, add it to the mod folder (e.g silent).
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