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advanced moving script

Postby pistolero » 21 Apr 2014, 10:44

When you press left and then right, you stop until you've released the left button. Same goes for back and forward and vice versa.
This script cancels the null movement and you change directions immediately. This MIGHT help your dodging or not do anything at all.
The history of this script goes all the way to quakeworld, all I did was just modify it to work in ET.

Code: Select all
s          "+vstr back1 back2"
bind w          "+vstr forward1 forward2"
bind a         "+vstr left1 left2"
bind d         "+vstr right1 right2"

set forward1   "-back         ;+forward      ; set check_fwd +forward"
set forward2   "-forward      ;vstr check_bck   ; set check_fwd "cg_notaunt 0"
set back1      "-forward      ;+back         ; set check_bck +back"
set back2      "-back         ;vstr check_fwd   ; set check_bck "cg_notaunt 0"
set right1      "-moveleft      ;+moveright          ; set check_rgt "+moveright"
set right2      "-moveright      ;vstr check_lft   ; set check_rgt   "cg_notaunt 0"
set left1      "-moveright      ;+moveleft          ; set check_lft "+moveleft"
set left2      "-moveleft      ;vstr check_rgt   ; set check_lft   "cg_notaunt 0"

set check_bck     "cg_notaunt 0"
set check_fwd    "cg_notaunt 0"
set check_rgt   "cg_notaunt 0"
set check_lft   "cg_notaunt 0"

// cg_notaunt cmds are there because I didn't know how to reset vstr without console spam.
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