How to send private messages in Himalia servers

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How to send private messages in Himalia servers

Postby Penderi » 09 Jan 2011, 16:31

You have something personal to say to your friend and you want to keep the chat clean. Easiest solution is to send a private message.

1. Open the console pressing § ( button on the left from number 1 ) or open the text field pressing the letter t.

2. Type in the field: /m name of the player you want to send the message and then the message you want to send.

For example: /m gaoesa hello!

This will send gaoesa a private message saying: hello!

3. You can also use partial name for sending message.

For example: /m g hello!

In this case the message will be sent to every player that has the letter g in their name.

4. Messages can be sent to multiple resipients also.

For example: /m SIKY how are you today?

This will send the following message to all of the SIKY bots : how are you today?

Note that if you want to send the message to only one player, you will need to use part of the name that isn't in anyone elses name but on that players you want to send the message to.
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Re: How to send private messages in Himalia servers

Postby Ch!ca » 03 Jul 2011, 01:22

As a side note, console can also be opened by using ~ on qwerty keyboard (langual differences).
You can change the console button simply by typing in console: \toggleconsole "prefered key"

Also if using console is too complicated, most mod's offers a way for Private Messages (here, in after: PM) so all you would need to do is to set a key for PM;
In game, press ESC -> Options -> "modoptions" -> Private message.
Activate it and press any key that is not taken by controls.
Unfortunately silEnT does not have that.
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