How to ensure some settings while playing. autoexec.cfg

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How to ensure some settings while playing. autoexec.cfg

Postby gaoesa » 16 Jan 2011, 17:41

Enemy Territory saves your settings in a special config file that is under the mod folder.

For Windows and silEnT this could be:
C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\silent\profiles\gaoesa\etconfig.cfg .

The file where ET saves your settings is always named etconfig.cfg. In that folder there often is couple of other files but those files have nothing to do with the settings.

However, while it saves perfectly your settings, there are some cases what it cannot save. These are settings that are latched (latching means you need to restart your ET more or less fully for them to take effect) setting and complicated binds. Examples of complicated binds are the demo toggle and the voice chat toggle in this forum. So in short, complicated bind is a bind what executes more then only one command.

To save complicated binds you need one of the alternatives. You can make a config file and place it into etmain or silent folder and then use /exec command to it in console when you have connected. Little easier way is to make a bind that does the /exec command for the file. And the easiest way is of course making autoexec.cfg file.

Autoexec.cfg file is a file in the mod folder that gets automatically executed by the ET every time it initialises.

To make autoexec.cfg you need to create it yourself. Open any text editor but it must be able to save plain text files. In other words, office programs will not do. Write your binds into it and then save it named as "autoexec.cfg". After you have that file you need to place it into the silent folder. (e.g. C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\silent\ )

Thats it. But remember that if you are using Vista or higher, you cannot edit the file in it's place directly because Windows restricts access in the Program Files. So keep an editing copy somewhere else and just copy it to the destination when you're done with the edits.

One last note, be sure you know what you're putting into the file. There are countless of examples of people having problems because they don't know what they have inserted into it.
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