PC-BSD 10.0 Released

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PC-BSD 10.0 Released

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PC-BSD 10.0 has been released http://blog.pcbsd.org/2014/01/pc-bsd-10 ... available/

Little forewarning to interested laptop users though. The NVIDIA Optimus! does not work yet. The kernel of the FreeBSD 10, which is the base system of the PC-BSD, is still missing some parts for it. But the onboard intel graphics work fine at least for me. Also, I hear suspend and resume are also lacking.

I had some problems with 9.2 as I wrote in the other thread some time ago. But this version works fine, remembering the Optimus! limitation. I installed it to a dualboot with Windows 7 using the BSD boot loader.

Also, if you plan to install dual boot, remember that with default settings, it will wipe the whole hard drive. Remember to click the Customize button on the hard disk summary view and be sure you check that it will use only the partition you intend it to use from the summary view. Just in case, probably a good idea to clone the disk or backup the data in other ways before installing. Also note, that the terminology for partitions is a little different than with Windows or Linux; http://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/dis ... ation.html
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