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Re: boxhead

Postby puolakanaho » 06 Dec 2012, 18:17

gR!ns wrote:Okidoki language policemen. Are you bored or when the spell checking has started to be so crucial that it is worth to mention? Seems that you can still understand my point in the text even there were few mistakes. [smilie=offtopic.gif]

yes...i am bored [smilie=flood.gif]
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Re: boxhead

Postby Proud Chicken » 02 Jan 2013, 21:38 of my favourites to kill. Although it seems i too often draw the short straw against you...

I must add that your english is very good although you're quite young (compared to Gao, and Gao only [smilie=prankster.gif] ).
About you as a player, in both skill and fairness, i have only good things to say.

[smilie=good.gif] [smilie=good.gif]
Proud Chicken
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Re: boxhead

Postby puolakanaho » 03 Jan 2013, 12:52

gaoesa wrote:
English is also written with capital e

Correct. Here it differs from the Finnish language where "suomen kieli" is written with lower case.

PS. The you're and your is also a good point. And it is something that easily gets mixed up quite often.

thanks Gao ^^

(just noted the message so sorry for late reply)
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