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Website theme updated

Post by gaoesa »

It was time to get rid of the age old <table> layout styles and there was another reason for this too (customizations to the old theme got lost in a cache purge since I didn't do those in the actual files).

Feedback appreciated, other styles are possible too. This was practically the first one that looked nice enough for the color theme.
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Re: Website theme updated

Post by gR!ns »

Overall I like the modern look of the site. I agree, that it was the time to make the change [smilie=good.gif]

One thing what catch my eyes is the use of bright or white colors in the text. Not much colored text here, but in this thread you might get the idea:
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Re: Website theme updated

Post by TheSilencerPL »

Noticed right away :) Looks nice, I like it.
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Re: Website theme updated

Post by addseo1115 »

Nice, Thank so much [smilie=prankster.gif]
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