How to make a map request

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How to make a map request

Post by gaoesa »

How to make a request

Please put only one map for thread. Even if the post would have only one sentence :)

Include as much information about the map as possible with your post.

Including download locations and even omni-bot files if you know about them. All the links and additional infos are optional but the map has better chances getting to the server when the required work to study the map is less :)

To get the added map removed from the server, you can post to the same thread with the request after the map has been installed. The thread will also remain open for continuous flow of opinions about the map.

Remember that even though there are no hard limits to the number of maps on the server, the voting menu has only 20 places and to get all the maps decent chances to get voted, there shouldn't be too many maps.
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