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There are rules in our Forum. Read them and respect them !!
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Forum Rules

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As this is a public forum there are a few rules and even prohibitions which have to be respected! [smilie=rtfm.gif]

The internet is no legal vacuum!
The consequences of noncompliance of law through the internet are as strict as any kind of breaking the law in real life!

All information that is provided to the forum can be given to authorities enforcing the law of any country that the service or forum provider sees fit to any legally acceptable purpose, without any prior notice to any users or even without giving any notice at all
Vialotions can result in criminal proceedings.

Explicitly prohibited are: [smilie=nono.gif]

:!: Violence-glorifying, discriminatory; misanthropic or any other punishable utterances and pornographic, racialistic or immoral contributions!

:!: Spreading of propaganda of unconstitutional associations!

:!: Spreading of pornographic writings and graphics!

:!: Invitation to crime or to be a party to it!

:!: Abuse of free speech by insulting or discriminating other members!

copyrights: [smilie=hunter.gif]

:!: Copying contributions of our forum and publishing those in other forums is prohibited!!

:!: All contributions of our forum are liable to the author's copyright!

:!: Reproduction or any other publications need the forum-administrator's explicit permission!

:!: Violations towards our copyrights are punished by all available means!
The author himself is certainly allowed to publish his articles on other positions!

:!: All of the content any user provides is seens the product of that single user. No other user can be procecuted any other users opinions, actions or anything that can be seen to break eny legistlation of any country.

:!: The provider of this service, this forum or the forum content, is not in any way legally bound to give any information, any resources or any whatever to anyone, claiming to have the right to that content (there is no case of that) or claiming any criminal proceedings will follow.

Quotations of contributions or articles of other websites, newspapers etc.: [smilie=pleasantry.gif]

:!: Headings can be quoted, thereafter 1-2 lines, so that it can be registered what it is about, in that case the link of that article has to be inserted!

:!: Only with indication of source!

:!: Just the same as it is not allowed to copy our contributions, we are not allowed to copy any contributions of other forums or websites!

:!: Undesireable are also contributions which are not in English as administrators and moderators have to be able to understand the writings!

:!: Each member may have only one account!

:!: The admin/moderator team is allowed to delete any posting and thread without giving reasons!

:!: Access to our forum and its usage cannot be claimed, sued or enforced in any way!


In cases which are not listed here, the admin/mod team has to decide which consequences are at best! [smilie=smoke.gif]

Please register only if you really want to participate!

Users who haven't contributed anything and don't intend to contribute anything are dead bodies in our forum.
Those are not required as we are very lively and active and are not interested in any dead bodies in our forum, therefore those accounts are going to be deleted!

The forum is obligated to delete personal and private data of resigned members!

The forum is NOT obligated to delete any contributions of resigned members!

The forum team reserves the right to extend and update its policy!

:!: By registering as a member in our forum you accept all the rules above! :!:

:!: To delete your account send a privat message to site admins (Lara C. or gaoesa) :!: