A new Wolfenstein Resource?

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A new Wolfenstein Resource?

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Dear Himalians, I am UOT Twenty Third, I introduce myself on behalf of Wolfenstein community, I will be happy if the Wolfenstein has the same meaning for you, as for me. If yes, please read my message!

From the beginning of 2010 it became clear that most of the things that aroused interest and admiration in the Wolfenstein began to disappear, in 2014 the extinction became even more visible. The following years may be the last for the oldschool Wolfenstein community. It is likely that in the next years any creative motivation will be reduced only for individual satisfaction, or for a very narrow circle, the size of which will be ridiculous and call it a game culture will be more unacceptable.

Absolutely sober action for the whole Wolfenstein community will rally as closely as possible and follow the most rational vector of development, I repeat, development, and not the inhibition of the process of scattering the Wolfenstein.

If this is interesting, we will definitely define these vectors of direction, where to go and who to ask and, hoping for our common restraint and mind, the actions will be much braver in relation to the outside gaming world. However, this will be an empty tussle and running on empty plate, unless there is a qualitative process of community consolidation.

My idea is to create a structured updated Wolfenstein web resource, the main idea of which will be to support the life of the community, which will inevitably be a prerequisite for an increase in online; Collection of statistics, organization of events, distribution of news, player assistance.

The main tool is chosen html5, reciprocity with other resources is not permissible, that's how I emphasize the importance of the project, and the need to seriously work on it.

So far, only one I represent the development team, but many already support me. I ask you to reply to this letter if you approve and support the right principles; if you think that the community still needs it. I will be sincerely happy to see you on my team. Work does not wait!

So far, I only represent a team of developers, but I'm absolutely sure that although the ranks of the Wolfenstein are scattered, but there are creative people whose works deserve publication and my task is to provide them with the most comfortable and interesting platform for information turnover.

My plans list:
The project %websitename% is initially conceived as a non-commercial publicly available information and entertainment platform for communication of all people. The overall and main objective of the project is the popularization of the Wolfenstein game culture, the maximum slowdown in the aging process of the community and gaming processes of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the creation of a platform and amenities for Wolfenstein creative minds.

The project %websitename% is originally conceived as a community from all people - to all people. Possession of a project, a name, a web-site and all contents is suggested to be issued to a legal entity representing the public. This is done to avoid discomfort for those who are planning to integrate their resources into our project.

The project %websitename% is originally conceived as a community from all people - to all people. The development teams will not necessarily be the owners, co-owners or managers of the project, the leadership is invited to convey the most active and deserving people in the opinion of the community, who are aware of their rights and responsibilities in accordance with the Basics, Bylaws and Rules.

The project %websitename% is also conceived as a platform for the unification of communities, but we are aware of the lack of our rights to a foreign resource, and absolutely and unconditionally respect the decision of the communities to integrate into the project or stay away. It is important to understand that unification in a compartment with a comfortable and active platform cumulates and increases the popularity of the resource, recalling the overall and main objective.

The project %websitename% originally conceived as a democratic system of interaction of players in accordance with the rules of the website. The administrator must be unbiased and honest to all users, because its main function is to ensure order, organize events and help users.

Here, the means for achieving the objectives of overall and main objective indicated in Basics are defined.
2.1 Creation of a structured network, including allowing to make internal links.
2.2 Creating a user-friendly archive of downloads of user files known to the Wolfenstein community since 1980-s.
2.3 Establishment of a forum for communication on the Wolfenstein topics.
2.4 Creating a similarity of the social network with registered clans and teams; keeping records of the results of clans, teams and tournaments. The maximum goal is to achieve this comfort of using this tool, so that it would be easier for players to assign matches and enter results on the web-site.
2.5 Creation of integrated Wolfenstein Wikipedia, attracting authors from other Wolfenstein resources.
2.6 Creation of a timeline for the history of the Wolfenstein games, in-game events and events in the community, starting from the 1980s.
2.7 Create a news column with a news filter, automate the integration of news on the timeline.
2.8 Establishment of a platform for online broadcasts; establishment of monthly-broadcasted Wolfenstein Radio
2.9 Providing a site for gaming activities, partially affecting gameplay of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
2.10 Provision of a free TS server for all users of the site, guests and authorized.
2.11 Providing the most simple and understandable way to start playing.

With regards, Serghei “UOT Twenty Third” Nikitin.

P.S. I hope many himalians will read this message once. I would like to see especially himalians in my team.
If Gao reads this once, please, reply to: rtcw38@gmail.com
Old good days Himalia!
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