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silEnT 0.8.2

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I have updated the server to the new silEnT 0.8.2. This is not a public release yet, so you will be beta testing it as usual. There wasn't much changes. Mostly bug fixing etc. One new feature is the objective icon that will be displayed if the opposing team picks up objectives to carry. It can be disabled from the menu. I'll snip some of the changes that affect players on our server from the change log to here:
* Added: enemy team objective carry indicator (http://mygamingtalk....reen-indicator/). Use g_misc flag 1024 to enable it on the server and cg_objcarry client cvar to enable it in the HUD.
* Fixed: Players carrying objectives are now shown correctly. (To the same team and in the command map)
* Fixed: The name of the disguised covert op was not drawn to spectators.
* Fixed: The class icon in the crosshair player name to be the current class instead of the latched class.
* Improved: If player is completely dead in the game, the scoreboard shows the player's latched class to other team members.

Please report all new bugs you find or if these don't work as expected. Thank you.
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