Himalia Server Rules

There are rules on our server. Read them and respect them !!
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Himalia Server Rules

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Server Rules

Server is for objective playing and teamwork. The server is for fun gaming and not for anybodys egobooster. We don't really like the selfhealing rambo medics. Or other selfish players in that matter. The essence of ET is in teamplay regardless of the server.

Server admin language is English. Reasonable amount of effort is made to make admin actions understanded by players that don't understand English very well. However, none of the admins speak English natively and using English is an effort in itself. So don't whine if you don't get the grounds for the actions in your own native language.

The following rules apply on the servers

* No teamkilling on purpose!
* No cheating!
* No doing objectives with trickjumping!
* Respect other players.
* Use only English in mainchat.
* Recruiting is not allowed.

Bad language has been limited in some extent with censor system.
Censor system gives automatic mutes that are automatically lifted.
If mutes seem harsh within the context, players with VIP status and above can lift them.

Respect means that you will need to behave respectfull to all other players, regardless of their skill levels.

Violations to the rules are responded with common sense and using put,kick and ban commands. Sometimes the gib command may be used to remove the player from offending positions.

All the players are viewed as grown ups. That is, none of the admins are required to start babysitting any of the players. All the rules are understandable with common sense and also, the rules are visible in banners on the server, here in the forum and in the loading screen.

The Level System

Below is a table describing the levels used on the server.

[Level number] - Level name; Level explanation
[0] - Guest; These are players that are not recognised as being any of the other levels. Level 0 players are not allowed to call votes to avoid useless vote spamming.
[1] - Himalian; These are players that are recognised to be regulars on the server and also being good people. These players have some amount of shrubbot commands, see !help for more info on the server. These players are allowed to call votes on the server when there is apparent need for them.
[2] - Senior Himalian; These players have become friendly in Himalia and they also have more shrubbot commands. Mainly fun commands.
[3] - Himalian VIP; VIP players are specially appreciated Himalians. There are always special reasons why players get this level. These players have more shrubbot commands than lower levels.
[4] - Himalian Friend; These are player from other clans or communities who are working together with Himalia Management Team.
[5] - Himalia Trial Admin; These are new admins on the server and are learning with little less privileges then the full admins.
[6] - Himalia Admin; These are admins on the server.
[7] - Server Founder; These are players that founded the server(s).
[8] - Server Head Admin; This level is for the server head admin.

How the Level System Works

Level 1 is always granted to players. No applications are used to get level 1. It's not like players and their levels are constantly followed so you may ask for the level 1 if you feel like you are regular on Himalia server.

Level 2 is for Senior Himalians. These players have played on the server for a long time. They have become friendly and they are active in the Himalia Community.

Level 3 is for Himalian VIPs. VIP players have always been granted the level for some special reasons.

Level 4 is for players from other clans or communities who are working with Himalia Management Team. These are not directly part of the Himalia Management Team. But well respected partners with it, however.

Level 5 is for server trial admins. Admins are carefully chosen players. There is no straight way to get there. Play fair, be respected by other players, be good player and some day you may be asked to become server admin.

Level 6 is for server admins. These are admins that have worked as trial admins on the server for a while and are ready to take the full responsibility.

Level 7 is for Himalia Founders. Level is locked.

Level 8 is for the server owner.