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Admin Applications

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If players are interested of becoming admins on the server, please post application here. However, there are requirements that must be met.

Please fill the following for each application. The minimum requirement is written in all of the field. Do note that if you fail to fill the required information in the application you are not the material we are looking for.

Age: At least 18
English skills: can manage situations at the server, this application is a good proof of the adequate skill
Activity: good
Been playing on the server: for few months

* At least 5 regulars from the server must post in the application thread to promote the application. Regulars does not mean admins but admins can promote too.

* Do note, even if all requirements are met, it does not mean your application will be approved and you will become admin. The management team will still have the final say.

* The time between the application and approving for trial status may be long. Activity during the whole period is required. Every admin is foremost a player and only after that, an admin.
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