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The forum has apparently been found by some spambots.

They may contain links but under any circumstances do not open those links. It is not secure in any case.

People you see on the servers should be safe and also traceable in case they try to infest your computers.

Moderators will be deleting posts that appear to be spam but there may be delays and administrators will be banning the users.

Also note. That clicking on a link found on any of these posts can endanger at least your forum account on this site and probably all open sessions you have on any well known forum. Those kinds of attacks can't be detected by antivirus programs. The spambots and the hacks with them exist to give moneytary value to their makers. There are no real adverts. All they want is to gain access to your personal passwords or sessions (in well known websites) that you possibly store in your network browsers.
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